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Lantao Design Academy curates transformative learning experiences for designers and entrepreneurs. We work with influential practitioners and provide them with the skills to drive change, innovation and growth both in and outside of their workplace. Our curatorial process for each programme leverages our in-depth understanding of the design industry and actively prepares our students to embrace new ways of thinking about design.

Lantao aims to set a new standard for design in China by implementing high quality learning programmes that solve real industry challenges. At the forefront of this vision is our belief in empowerment and providing those that work with us the confidence to excel. Beyond the immediate impact of our programmes, we strive to build a lasting legacy whereby our methodologies for learning contribute to a progressively creative environment for entrepreneurs and designers.


Lantao Design Academy is China's leading independent design education organisation. Founded in 2005, we have been proactive in introducing design strategy and thinking through our wide range of courses which cater for both entrepreneurs and designers. We believe in a model of progressive learning which prioritises innovation and experimentation so that, together with our graduates, we are at the forefront of shat, together with our graduates, we are at the forefront of shaping a new design movement in China.

The Lantao Design Academy Model is to link education, research and international dialogue about design in order to bring about deep learning experiences and long-term cultural relations. We do this through three strands of our organisation: Education, Lab, and Media.

Lantao Design Academy has established an international network of best- in-class industry leaders to help curate and run our design programmes. Their extensive experience and knowledge of design also provides the Academy with direct access to the latest discussions, trends and challenges faced by the industry. This has allowed us to create the most current and forward thinking programmes; helping break new ground in design and bring cutting-edge ideas to Chinese enterprises.

Our International Executive Masters in Design Management is run in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milan\POLI.Design and is the first masters course to introduce design strategy, design management and systematic innovative thinking to Chinese designers and organisations. We have also introduced short-term design courses around the world which offer our students high quality access to international design leaders but with a more acute focus on specific design disciplines across art, architecture, fashion, photography, history, retail and beyond.

Lantao Design Academy Lab creates bespoke programmes for design-led commercial and manufacturing clients. Here, we not only act as a creative consultancy, but also help our clients by exploring the learning process with them, providing multidisciplinary services to encourage proactive learning.

Lantao Design Academy is the gateway to design and creative excellence- advancing learning through a curated journey

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